3 Tips For Sharing Your Expertise Freely (While Still Getting Paid)

How do you feel about sharing your expertise freely? 🤗 I know it feels scary and you worry you’ll never pay your mortgage by giving away all your secrets for free. I used to be the same, but now I feel differently – so I’m sharing my experience (freely lol) to help you spread value and still get paid what you’re worth.

Should you share tips for free online?

I’ve spoken to plenty of people who are nervous about giving away all their expertise for free and I used to be the same – are you?

😩 I worried my audience would never pay me for anything.

As I was working on a plan to promote my online course at the time, I hired a business coach to grow my confidence and gain valuable skills about how to position and promote myself and my business.

My coach told me there’s no such thing as giving away too much value.

This shifted something for me and changed my attitude to content marketing entirely 💡

Ahead of the launch and during the run of that course, I started using some of the course content in snippets on my socials each week to give a teaser of what we were learning and working on.

The response was fantastic.

I didn’t upload the entire course for free, but I used elements of it in my social media marketing and people loved it.

It didn’t take away from the experience of the people on the course, but knowing I’d helped people along the way, whether they were here for the odd freebie or investing in the full support, was a lovely feeling.

Plus, it saved me time creating content from scratch and optimised the time I’d spent working hard to create the course content. More bang for that buck!


⚠️ REMINDER: Most of the info you have to share is available out there on the internet somewhere.

I say, if someone has the time and motivation to scour the web, compile and implement it all, good for them.

Most people don’t, and they work with you for accountability and personalised support rather than those free resources.

So, how do we go about it?

3 tips for sharing your expertise freely (while still getting paid)

1️⃣ Make it bite-sized

Say you’ve created a masterclass, online course, or talk. While you have the option to upload some or all of it as a lead magnet, you could also chop it into much smaller snippets.

Nobody sees or actions all your posts, so you could potentially drip-feed every single part of it into individual social media posts.

Plus, doing things this way saves you so much time creating content from scratch and optimises the excellent work you’ve already put into existing stuff.

2️⃣ Remind people what it’s like to work with you

OK, so you’ve done the above and created a graphic post featuring a quote, stat, insight, or challenge from your masterclass or online course.

As you share it, remind your audience of the difference between scouring the net for free tips and working with an expert.

Accountability, personalisation, consistency, collaboration – what would you add? If you’re not sure what clients pay you for, ask them!.

3️⃣ Upsell your paid services

Sharing your expertise freely is all about planting this seed: “if she shares this for free, imagine what you get when you pay to work with her!”

So, as your call to action, you can direct your audience to your paid services. For example:

‘Was this useful? This is a taster of the incredible things you’ll master when you sign up for my new group programme – DM me CALL to book a free call to find out more.’

Has this changed your perspective on sharing your expertise?

Let me know your thoughts by commenting on my socials or dropping me a message.


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