5 reasons to film a Reel (and how to do it without dancing)

Film a Reel? Before you shout a firm NO THANK YOU, hear me out. When Reels first launched, I felt the same and spent a good while ignoring their existence. But I have news for you 🗞. You – yes, you – can film a Reel. Here are five reasons why you should (including tips to grow your confidence doing it).

I know, I know. Mastering all of this stuff social media throws at us can feel like a steep learning curve at our age, right?

But before you start telling me you’re a dinosaur and this is a bridge too far, read on and let me know if it changes your mindset.


5 reasons to film a Reel


1️⃣ It’s easy (trust me!)

Reels are designed to be easy to create.

At the most basic level, you literally upload a video of some trees blowing in the wind, click the text button, write something meaningful and hit post.

There are plenty of other things you can add as you go along, but it’s really not as hard as you think.


2️⃣ It will get you seen

Insta is still pushing Reels as its preferred type of content, so it’s likely to get you more visibility than a grid post or a story.

If you’re shying away from Reels, I get it – but you’re missing out on lots of people who want to hear what you have to say!


3️⃣ You can use it elsewhere

Once you’ve taken the plunge, save the video and use it on your LinkedIn and Facebook, to get more bang for your buck.

PLUS! You don’t need to come up with ideas from scratch. Repurpose a grid post that did well, or use an excerpt from a recent blog or email newsletter as your Reel text and caption.


4️⃣ There’s help out there

I follow a couple of Reels tips accounts and save the trending audios they recommend using, as this raises your chance of being seen.

I also go through life filming random clips of said trees, myself, and other things so when I come to create a Reel, the audio and video is already banked and I simply have to add music and text.


5️⃣ You DON’T have to dance!

I know you’ve seen those dancey ones and it’s SO out of your comfort zone and honestly, same.

You can easily make a Reel out of a selection of images (of you or something else), screen-record your latest blog, or make a clip of the aforementioned nature to upload.

Dancing is 💯 optional – unless you want to do it, you never have to!


So, how about it? Do you dare?

And if you do, will you tag me in your finished Reel so I can go celebrate you?

I can’t wait to see you shine ✨


Reels are really such a good way to make the most of the great content you’re writing elsewhere in your business, so I hope this has helped you gain a little more confidence to take the plunge.

Will you let me know if you do?


How to get confident and comfortable creating good content

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