7 Tips For When Social Media Engagement Is Low

Is your low engagement bumming you out? I know how you feel.

Fear not, your friendly neighbourhood copywriter for female founders has your back ;)

Read on for seven ideas for when your social media content engagement is low and you’re on the verge of deleting all the apps out of pure frustration.


7 tips for when social media engagement is low



Yes, it’s a bummer. No, it won’t stay this way.

Summer is always quieter, so don’t panic. It will pick up again and it’s not personal. You’ve worked hard on this – don’t give up now!



I know it’s tempting to stop posting when you’re seeing less engagement than usual, but consistency matters.

Stick to your posting schedule and think of the bigger picture – a few quiet weeks won’t make a huge difference to your overall social media success this year. There are still people listening!



Use this time to really nurture the people who are engaging with your content.

Even if your last post only got four likes, I bet at least one of those people would be up for a virtual coffee and who knows where that will lead? Remember to keep introducing yourself to new followers with a hello message or voice note, and stay active in the comments sections of your audience’s posts. Opportunities are still out there – and this could be a good exercise in getting back to basics in connecting with your followers and nurturing the existing fans you already have.



Quieter patches are a good opportunity to look back over your analytics to see what your best-performing posts have been for this year.

Repurpose them and take note of what types of content your audience enjoys most.



Have you been thinking about talking on Insta stories but talking yourself out of it?

Or maybe you think an intro post would be a great move on your LinkedIn but you’ve been scared to put yourself front and centre of your business page.

With fewer eyes on you right now, you may well feel like the pressure is off and want to experiment with pushing out of your comfort zone. Go on, I dare you!



One great way to boost engagement in quieter times is to tag other people in your content.

Last week, I made this Instagram post shouting out post to 10 brilliant women whose Insta accounts I love and asked for recommendations for other great women to follow.

It wasn’t a calculated move for likes – I genuinely wanted to share some love on my feed – but as long as your content is authentic people will engage with you involving them in your post.



Some people slip through the net at busier times, so go back over your comments sections, social media inboxes, and emails to make sure you haven’t missed any potential leads.

Check back in with them if you have and ask if they’d be up for a chat now you have the time and headspace to get to know them better.


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