8 things to do in quarantine to benefit your business

Business owners across the world are struggling to maintain motivation during the craziness that is COVID-19 lockdown. So, it’s natural to down tools and wallow for a while. But, if you’ve emerged from the haze ready to get back to business, I’ve put together a list of things to do in quarantine to keep you busy and positive.

Do a free online course

If you can muster up the energy, there are thousands of free online courses available. Why not sign up to one to give your business a leg up?

From digital marketing and professional copywriting courses, to random topics like anthropology and algebra, take your pick of free courses. I’ve featured plenty in my comprehensive blog on the subject, so go back to school and use your new skills to grow your business. 

Write a blog

Starting a blog for your business is a great way to stay focused and creative. So, it’s definitely one of my top tips for things to do in lockdown.

If you don’t already have one, you can easily set up your own business blog. Start writing about useful topics to keep your customers informed and entertained during corona-quarantine. No need to panic that you don’t have the skills of a professional copywriter. After all, blogs are for everyone, and we all have our own personal style and offering. 

If you already have a blog set up on your company website, use it! From tips and advice on your products or services, to behind the scenes musings on running a business, it’s your place to write about whatever you like. 

Use your isolation days to blog widely around your industry or field. You could be hailed as a leading authority with thousands of new web visitors when the COVID crisis is over! Just make sure you install Grammarly or get your blogs checked by a freelance proofreader if spelling isn’t your forte.

Go virtual networking

Networking junkies will likely be missing their weekly fix of handshaking, pitching and connecting. But, there’s no need for networking to stop just because you’re housebound.

Virtual networking events are popping up all over LinkedIn and other social platforms. Networking giant BNI has taken all of its meetings online for the foreseeable. So, reach out to your connections and find out which are the best online networking events happening right now. 

Of course, taking networking online means you’re not limited to events in your local area. Why not spend your quarantine time connecting to potential customers all over the world?

Don’t forget to nurture existing business relationships during quarantine, as well as branching out to make new contacts. Scheduling a weekly slot to catch up with people in business you already know could bring about new opportunities and benefit both parties.

Grow your social media

Setting up or working on your social media is a great thing to do in quarantine. You may be wondering what on earth to post about. Yet with a captive audience scrolling social media all day long, the right content could reach thousands of potential customers.

Set yourself a target to post once a day on each platform you have an account for. Badger your friends and contacts (in a nice way) to like and share your posts and do the same for them. In a short time, you could be producing the next meme to go viral across the world (maybe). 

Make a video

Many of us fear getting in front of the camera and filming ourselves on video (hi), even though we’re no stranger to a selfie. But if you’re looking for things to do during quarantine to give your business a boost, making a video is a great place to start.

Any of your blog or email content ideas could potentially work as an informative video. Or, you could film yourself talking frankly about the situation and how it’s impacting you and your business. Hell, you could even join TikTok and do silly dances with your kids. Show your customers your fun side!

Ad lib or try your hand at writing your own video script. If you need a little support on this front, hiring a freelance copywriter can help you get your point across succinctly and powerfully.

Personally, I’m much more likely to remember a business that made me smile during isolation. Plus, I’d be first in line to support them post-lockdown, so becoming a video content creator could do wonders for your brand awareness (not to mention your self-confidence). 

Do some reading

Most of us have a pile of books beside the bed that we never quite make it through, am I right? If you’re struggling for things to do in quarantine, working through your reading list is an excellent choice.

Lose yourself in fiction for a break from your work and return re-energised. Or, hunker down with a stack of business books to widen your knowledge, learn new skills or pick up tips on growing your business. Either way, reading is never a bad idea.

Fancy a reading-related challenge to keep you going? Set yourself a fixed number of books to read during quarantine and chart your progress on your blog or social media. Set up a blog reviewing your favourite books to keep yourself busy and your mind focused. Or, invite others to share their own book tips or reviews and watch your social engagement shoot through the roof.

Or, set up a virtual book club on Zoom or Houseparty with your friends, colleagues or business network to encourage you to keep reading and help you to make the most of each title.

Email your customers

As Promo.com’s COVID support strapline says, you haven’t lost your customers, they’re just at home. And while many of us are growing tired of the old “message from our CEO” corona-comms, this leaves a gap in inboxes for an actually interesting message from a business.

You know your customers best. So, it’s down to you to decide what kind of email marketing you send to inform, entertain or occupy them in quarantine. 

If you can’t sell your product or service to them right now, think of other ways you can be useful. For example, if you sell headscarves, send out an email showing your customers how to turn them into face masks to minimise the spread of the virus in public.

If you’re a bakery that’s had to shut down, send your customers simple recipes to help them set up a sourdough starter, bake their own bread or make cookies with the kids.

Or, if you’re a financial advisor with no clients, email your database with regular updates explaining the government’s financial measures for businesses and sole traders during coronavirus. Or, send out tips on cutting costs and accessing support during a prolonged period of reduced earnings.

If you need help writing content for email campaigns, reach out to a freelance copywriter who can help you achieve your goals. Or, try writing your content yourself to diversify your skills into email marketing – you have the time, so why not use it creatively!

I don’t know about you, but my open rate for emails offering me money tips, easy brownie recipes and DIY face mask tutorials would be 100%. Just as soon as I’d swiped to delete all of those CEO messages.

Raise money for charity

Just because you’re housebound, doesn’t mean you can’t do something great for an amazing cause. Of course, you can donate online to the many worthy charities working for people affected by coronavirus, like sending money to food banks or paying towards hot meals for frontline workers.

Or, if you want to take it further, you could organise a fundraising event from the comfort of your sofa. 

Run a pub quiz and ask participants to donate £5 entry fee. Challenge yourself to run a marathon from your garage treadmill. I mean, this guy actually climbed Everest on his own stairs, so the possibilities are endless.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with your business, well, that’s up to you. If you want to use your charitable endeavours to get your business name out there, this could be a great by-product of your fundraising. However, if you don’t want to feel like you’ve exploited the opportunity for some press and social coverage, there’s no need to connect it to your business. Simply enjoy the challenge and feel good factor. 

Of course, there are plenty of worthy causes needing support and funding all year round, regardless of the current pandemic. Whichever charity you choose, your efforts and donations will be greatly appreciated. 

And on that note, I’ll leave you to choose how you’ll be spending your next couple of days of lockdown. If you try any of the things to do in quarantine we’ve covered here, please let me know how you get on!

Stay safe 🙂 

things to do in quarantine to benefit your business

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