Award entry copywriting

Keen to put yourself or your business forward for a prestigious award? Hire a freelance copywriter to pull everything together – I’ll bring the experience and skills to get you shortlisted.  

Copywriting for an award entry

Nominating yourself or your company for a business or industry award is a sure fire way to gain recognition, boost brand awareness and increase sales. It’s really a no-brainer for your business, so what’s the downside?

Well, many business owners fail to put themselves forward when awards season rolls around. Why? Because they simply can’t find the time – or skills – to write up the entry submission.

Freelance copywriting for awards entries

I understand how difficult it can be to find the time or writing expertise to pull together a professional awards submission. Luckily, I can help with this.

Freelance copywriters like me collate all of the necessary information and present it in a professional, finely tuned format. I’ll make sure your award entry is received by organisers on time and in full, ticking all the boxes.

Let me extract all of the information from you or your team and do the hard work. All you need to do is storm the shortlist panel and bag that prestigious award for your cabinet.

Why enter business awards?

There are many great reasons to enter your business in for an award. Whether it’s a local business award or an industry gong, adding “award-winning” to your website, LinkedIn bio and email signature adds serious kudos.

Awards help your business to stand out from competitors. It can increase brand awareness and reassure customers of your authority in your field.

Relatively low-budget, entering awards can be a cost-effective way to promote your business.

In fact, purchasing a ticket or table to the event is usually the only cost of entering your business in for an award.

Plus, attending an awards ceremony can be great for your business, regardless of whether you win the gong. After all, awards ceremonies give you the chance to network, make new contacts, promote your business and simply have fun (after all your hard work, you deserve it!). Plus, the food is usually top class and the free booze often flows – what’s not to like!

Why choose a freelance copywriter to write your award entry?

Many business owners struggle to find time to write their own awards entry. When you’re running a business, writing awards submissions can easily slip to the bottom of your lengthy to do list. You may have colleagues who volunteer to write your awards entry for you, but it can be hard to trust someone else to do a good enough job.

Choosing freelance copywriters to write your awards entries is a smart move many business owners are opting for – for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it’s one headache of a job crossed off your to do list. Lifting this considerable weight off your shoulders when awards season is looming and you have a pile of entry forms on your desk can be a major relief.

Secondly, hiring a freelance copywriter to write your business or trade award entry leaves you with a high quality, professional result.

You can be assured freelance copywriters have written and submitted plenty of awards in their time, so they know how to make them exceptional.

Experienced freelance copywriters have all of the skills and experience you need to do a top notch job of your award entry. Don’t leave it to chance. Put your awards hopes in safe and trusted hands!

How can a freelance copywriter write my award entry?

It’s really pretty simple. If you’ve decided to hire a freelance copywriter to write your awards submission, the next step will be to give them a copywriting brief.

This can be a phone call, a video chat, a meeting or an email. As long as you provide your chosen copywriter with the information they need to prepare your award entry, they can get cracking.

Make sure you dig out any links, documents and other information needed to put together an awards entry. Awards entry forms can be detailed, so handing over all the relevant info in one go means your chosen freelance copywriter has everything they need to get on with the task in hand.

Once you’ve handed over all the info, you can get it off your desk, tick it off your list (no better feeling, am I right?) and leave it to an expert.

Not sure which awards to enter your business for?

Maybe you’re keen to bask in the glow of a brand new award to add to your cabinet, but you’re not sure where to start. It can take time to research and identify the best awards to enter for your business, so I can help with that too.

As many B2B freelance copywriters have a great deal of experience in preparing award entries, they can often advise on the best ones to enter for your business. If you work with a freelance copywriter local to you, they will know all of the best business awards in your area.

Having successfully completed a number of award entry forms which have secured shortlist interviews for business clients, my services aren’t limited to award entry copywriting. I can also research awards in your industry or local area, and come up with a list of awards you can enter. 

Then, you can leave me to prepare all of the awards entry forms and get them sent over to the right people at the right time, to hit all of the deadlines and give you the best shot at winning. 

After that, it’s over to you!

Why choose Words By Ali to write your award entry?

As an experienced freelance B2B copywriter, I’ve written plenty of awards entries over the course of my career.

I know how to showcase your business in its best light, highlight the key points needed to impress judges and help to secure you that all-important shortlist interview.

Once you’ve briefed me on the awards and your chosen category, and provided me with all of the necessary documents and information, you can leave the rest to me.

Putting yourself forward for numerous awards doesn’t have to be a tedious task. Pass it over to an expert freelance copywriter like me and stick to what you do best.

Thanking me in your acceptance speech is optional… but appreciated 😉

Hire a freelance copywriter for your award entry

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