Brochure copywriting 

Even in today’s digital world, nothing beats a great quality brochure. Make sure yours has the right words to sell your products or services by using a professional to handle your brochure copywriting.

Brochure copywriting

Brochures are more important than ever before. In a busy online world, we can all post and promote ourselves instantly at the click of a button. So, receiving a great quality brochure makes a refreshing change. This means that brochure copywriting is key to making a big – and lasting – impression on your customers.

Can I do my own brochure copywriting?

In theory, yes. However, there are a few things to consider before you write your own company brochure.

A brochure sticks around much longer than an email or social post. Your brochure will stay in homes or offices long after potential customers have bounced off a competitor’s website. So, when you come to invest in a printed brochure promoting your business, you need to make sure your investment pays off.

Writing your own brochure content can take a long time, diverting you off business-critical tasks. Plus, without experience, you can have a clouded, bias view that leads to clunky copy customers will quickly tire of reading.

For many business owners, writing their own copy or delegating the task to a junior colleague undervalues this crucial part of a great brochure.

Words are a valuable tool, so make sure you have someone on your team to bring the right ones to the job, for optimal results.

And if that person doesn’t exist in your in-house team, hiring a freelance copywriter is a smart solution for businesses. When I work with businesses, we develop a strong bond and they feel like I’m an extension of their team. They trust me to produce outstanding brochure content to delight and convert potential customers, thanks to my experience and training. 

What makes a great business brochure?

Creating an innovative and impactful brochure needs three major components. Great design, eye catching imagery and winning words. It’s unlikely you’d have a go at shooting the photography or doing the design yourself. Therefore, make sure the words aren’t an afterthought.

Benefits of using a freelance copywriter for brochure copywriting

When you choose the right freelance copywriter to handle your brochure writing, you’re investing in attracting the right customer to your business. In a competitive marketplace, engaging a professional content expert to write your brochure is a no-brainer.

Working with a great freelance copywriter on your brochure content ensures you end up with:

  • High quality, professional brochure content you can take pride in
  • A fresh, objective pair of eyes to avoid overly biased brochure content
  • Clear direction on what should be included in your brochure
  • Guidance on the best brochure content format for your business
  • Competitor research to ensure your brochure makes an impact in a busy marketplace
  • Grammatically correct brochure content free from typos and embarrassing errors
  • Specialised brochure copywriting tailored to your chosen layout and imagery
  • A stand-out brochure that showcases your business in its best light

What’s the difference between good and bad brochure content?

Realising the power of words in your brochure really kicks in when you consider the consequences of badly written brochure content. You may have the design and images to pack a punch, but the wrong words will see your brochure relegated to the recycling bin in no time.

Good content writing tells a story, draws the reader in and incites action. And brochure copywriting is no different to any other form of writing in this sense.

A reader, or potential customer, picks up your brochure to find out more about what you do and how you do it. They are preparing to be taken on a journey.

Many businesses are tempted to make their brochure all about them, and it’s understandable. We all want to show off about our achievements sometimes, but there’s a time and a place for this. And the harsh truth is for the most part, your customers aren’t particularly interested in your history, awards or brags.

In fact, customers want to know what you can do for them. And this is one of the key ways a freelance copywriter can bring a real USP to your brochure. When you work with a specialist content writer, they will bring an objective view to your project and produce copy that genuinely converts. You may think you want to talk about your long and impressive history, but you’d probably rather win more business, right?

A professional B2B copywriter will make sure your brochure content surpasses your expectations and inspires your customers to choose you, over your competitors. 

Why hire Words by Ali to write your brochure?

Having written professional brochures for hundreds of businesses over the past 15 years, I can create persuasive, purposeful content to suit your company’s tone of voice and make a big impression on prospective customers.

My experience in brochure copywriting spans a plethora of industries, including property, kitchens, bathrooms, finance, leisure, tourism and retail. I don’t limit my brochure copywriting to one specific industry or field, as my varied experience means I can confidently and easily produce exceptional content for any business’s brochure.

Words can excite or bore your customers, and the difference is in your hands. Work with me and we’ll come up with a truly impressive brochure that will take pride of place in your boardroom, and stick around on your customers’ desks and coffee tables. 

Get in touch and let’s get started! 

Get professional brochure copywriting for your business

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