Conquer Your Content Writing – online content writing course for small businesses

Are you feeling frustrated about your:

  • Inconsistent, wishy-washy social media posts?
  • Lack of confidence in your writing skills?
  • Habit of tinkering away and never hitting publish?
  • Permanent state of homeschool catchup/panic?
  • General uncertainty around what your audience wants from you?
You know deep down what you want – and it’s what you deserve.

A constant stream of white-hot enquiries. An engaged audience lapping up your content. Time back for yourself to book onto that spin class or cosy up for a family movie without stealthily checking your notifications.  

You might be wondering, is this possible? Or am I asking too much?

Truth time: I’m a professional content writer and there was a time even I floundered over writing my own blog and social content. I had the knowledge and passion but wasn’t sure what people wanted to hear from me and how to turn commenters into customers.

I posted for myself and not my audience and this failed to translate to the engagement and enquiries I was desperate for.

Do you feel the same?

Over the past two years, I’ve turned my side hustle into a full-time job, had multiple blogs rank on page #1 of Google and made a living out of my dream business. And it’s all down to the power of my content.

Now, you may be thinking, “she’s a writer – that’s easy for her”.

But channelling your passion into words is something YOU have the capacity to do – all you need is the right support and guidance.

Picture this…

2022 is now well underway. Fresh starts are in the air and you have no shortage of ideas and goals.

You fire up your laptop with bags of enthusiasm and a steaming cup of tea (green, obviously! It’s January after all) to embark on a shiny new year in business.

Now, imagine you had:

  • Crystal clear direction on which ideas your audience wants to see and engage with
  • Consistency in your content that converts to enquiries, bookings, and SALES
  • Clarity on your core message to credentialise you as an authority in your industry
  • The confidence boost you need to rescue blogs and content ideas from your drafts, stop nitpicking and hit PUBLISH
  • More time to spend walking, brunching, or connecting with friends and family
  • Pride to show off your social feed and blog page
  • Freedom from third-party fees because your website is generating leads for you
  • A bigger client base of customers who recommend you to others so you know where your next enquiry is coming from.

All of this is within YOUR grasp. Join me and after six weeks, it will all be yours.

About Conquer Your Content Writing

I created Conquer Your Content Writing to create a solution to those 3am worries you struggle to banish.

Although I can’t unsay the awkward thing you said at a party 15 years ago, I DO have the answers to the questions:

  • WTF am I gonna post on my socials tomorrow?
  • Do I come across like I know what I’m talking about?
  • How do I make customers choose me over competitors?
  • Where do I get a clue what sort of content my customers want to see?
  • How do I mix things up so my content isn’t so repetitive?
  • Where do I find a roadmap telling me how to create compelling blog and social media posts that translate to enquiries and sales?

Finding confidence, purpose, clarity and direction is a proven way to gain more website visitors, enquiries, repeat custom, engagement, and SALES.

Join me on weekly Zooms and over six weeks, I’ll show you how achievable this is for you.

Each week you’ll learn a different aspect of the content writing process, taking you from procrastinator to professional.

You’ll be shouting from the rooftops how nailing this ONE THING has unlocked a world of possibilities!

This is for you if you…

  • Want to do more to promote your business but lack  clarity and direction 
  • Are full of passion but struggle to translate it into sales
  • Wonder whether your content hits the mark with your ideal customer
  • Struggle to be consistent on social media
  • Waste time nitpicking and self-doubting your content writing
  • Wish you knew how to stand out in a competitive market and get your name out there
  • Dream of making your social content less samey and more engaging so it sends your dream customer into your DMs

You already have the subject knowledge – let’s turn it into results!

What Conquer Your Content Writing will cover:

  • How to narrow down or find ideas for blog posts and social content your ideal customer WANTS to read (so your time is always well spent)
  • Foolproof ways to find your style and maintain a strong voice across your content
  • How to structure and plan a blog effectively (bye bye procrastination)
  • Writing hacks to improve your content and generate leads
  • SEO checklist to get your name out there so people searching Google find your website and enquire
  • Insider tips and tools used by professional writers to create super-shareable content
  • Ways to repackage blogs into social posts, Reels, email campaigns and more – maximising the time you invest in writing content
  • Social media tips, tricks, and tools to save you time and build confidence

content writing course for small businesses

Meet Ali, your content writing cheerleader

  • 11 blogs ranking on Google page 1 in the last two years
  • 16 years’ content writing experience
  • Qualified journalist
  • Running on oat lattes and vegan brownies

I’m Ali, aka Words By Ali, your one-woman content-writing hype squad.

From teenage diaries to email essays about my disastrous life as a twenty-something temp, I’ve always loved writing and now I get to do it as an actual job.

With me on your team, you’ll discover how to craft content that gives your ideal customer that OMG moment.

And when they experience that, they want to learn and buy from you.

Through my previous careers as a journalist, PR manager, ad agency copywriter, and marketing manager, I learned how to channel my imagination and love of words into commercially valuable pieces of content, from brochures to blogs.

Now, I’m passing that skill on, inspiring you to turn your passion into blog and social content that drives your business forward!

Invest in yourself – you’re worth it!

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your business to get your shit together for 2022!

You will find the confidence and skills to research, structure, and write blogs and social media posts that delight your customers and grow your business through higher engagement, better Google rankings, more web traffic, and warmer leads.

  • Six weekly sessions
  • 60-minute Zooms (attend live or watch replays)
  • Professional support
  • Tailored examples for your business
  • Practical tips, top tools, and insider advice
  • Actionable tasks to keep you on track
  • Personalised feedback on your work
  • Super supportive Facebook community
  • Payment plans to suit you

I’m passionate about helping you develop your self-belief and unearth this new skill that’s lurking inside you, so I’ve designed the course to offer you maximum value for the best possible price.

STARTS:End of January

Do something awesome for yourself and develop a valuable new skill that will galvanise your business to blossom through 2022 and beyond!

I can’t wait to see you there – you, my friend, have got this!

Sign up to Conquer Your Content Writing – online blog and social media content writing course for small businesses – here.

blog writing online course for small business

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