Content Collaboration For Coaches

Bring a constant flow of clients into your coaching business and get clear, confident, and purposeful about upgrading your lifestyle and income.

Bridging the gap between outsourcing and struggling

You’re an intuitive, passionate service coach who wants to create content that aligns with your values and purpose (and let’s face it, gets you paid more). You write well and have brilliant ideas.

Yet right now, you’re overwhelmed by thoughts of writing blogs, social media posts, and emails.

Self-promo feels alien to you, and you’re not sure what your ideal clients want to see from you on social media.

Writing your own marketing content feels confusing and stressful, and you wish you had the direction and clarity to put yourself out there with the kind of confidence, energy, and excitement that fills up your inbox with dream customers.

I understand EXACTLY how you feel because that was me when I first set up my business. So, I’m here to guide you towards the confidence and direction you need to make your content bring you financial freedom and the lifestyle you deserve.

Content collaboration is your secret option number 3. A hybrid, unicorn solution between outsourcing everything to a copywriter and muddling through alone feeling unsure and unconfident.

Retain that uniquely brilliant voice of yours with a sprinkle of magic to make sure your content lands with impact and translates to authority, engagement, sales, and exciting opportunities.

content writer for coaches and wellness

1:1 Content Collaboration For Coaches

You understand the importance of having a social media presence, website, blog, and email database.

But marketing doesn’t come naturally and you find it overwhelming – all you want to do is what you do best – coaching, teaching, healing, designing, writing, consulting, or inspiring!

So, you drop the ball for weeks on end and don’t post as often as you “should” – you’re unsure how to form a “strategy” or nail your messaging to allow you show up consistently and get through to your audience.

Let me step in and ease your inner turmoil, freeing you to feel confident, in control, and EXCITED (trust me on this one) about content writing.

Your 1:1 content collab revolves around you and your live needs, so we could do any (or all) of the following:

  • Getting crystal clarity on what your ideal client wants from you
  • Creating a content plan customised to YOUR needs (and energy) so you feel in control, avoid comparisonitis and overwhelm, and see consistent results
  • Make magical tweaks to blog posts, emails, or social media content that retain your unique voice and spark massive results (like DMs bursting with dream clients ready to pay in full)
  • Reframe your mindset so you get where content writing fits into your business and know how to make it work for you (spoiler: once you master this, you NEVER run out of ideas and totally THRIVE online)
  • Enjoy the collaborative spirit of working with a partner, soundboarding ideas and getting a professional seal of approval.

Content collaboration with me is a fun and energising partnership to empower you to gain momentum and feel supported, so you have the strength and direction to go out there and build the business (and life) you deserve.

Book a virtual coffee with me and let’s get our heads together to unlock the confidence and clarity around content writing that fills your diary and upgrades your lifestyle.


Content Writing Course For Coaches and Wellbeing Businesses

Right now, you find yourself wondering how to:

  • Constantly come up with fresh and engaging ideas for your socials
  • Attract clients through your content
  • Get personality into your social media posts, emails, and blogs
  • Organise what’s in your head and get it down on paper
  • Translate your energy into words that excite your audience.

You’re putting content out there but not getting the clients, engagement, or growth you deserve. You either rush it out or nitpick forever, and the entire thing is EXHAUSTING! I get it.

Well, guess what. You have the ability to find content writing fun AND see mind-blowing results (like an inbox full of dream customers who say “erm… how did you read my mind?”).

BE A CONTENT QUEEN is a self-paced, online content writing course loved by coaches like you.

Graduates go on to book out their diary with ideal clients, be approached at speaking events, get thousands of Reel views, be invited onto podcasts, and turn content writing from a chore into a treat.

How would you like all of that for yourself? Trust me when I say you deserve to invest in yourself and experience that lifestyle you signed up for.

I'm ready
content writing course for coaches

Community, Connection And Accountability

Ever feel lonely and lost as a self-employed business owner or freelancer?

I hear you. Since setting up as a freelance content writer in March 2020 I’ve often struggled to feel part of a supportive and motivating network.

So guess what.. I created one for us!

CONTENT CLUB is YOUR safe space to connect with a group of fellow business owners coming together to:

  • Support and cheerlead each other
  • Share inspiration and ideas to make content writing easier
  • Get feedback on social media posts, blogs, emails, or random ideas before putting them out into the world
  • Stay accountable and consistent with your content writing so it attracts the right people to your social media audience
  • Have a laugh and natter with people who know exactly what you’re going through (and share their experience and wisdom to get you through)

You’re honestly going to love this community!

We do monthly Zooms and have a thriving Facebook group for you to explore and engage with as much or as little as you fancy.

Zero pressure, zero judgement, zero comparisonitis – pure vibes and positivity to make life as a lone ranger tons more fun, do-able, and purposeful.

count me in