Copywriting for blogs

Copywriting for blogs is one of my specialist areas. Boost your website’s Google ranking, improve your SEO and communicate with your customers through fresh, regular blog content.

Copywriting for blogs

Copywriting for blogs is technically something that can be done by anyone, professional or pure beginner. But are you choosing the right person to write your blogs for maximum impact and success?

Setting up a blog for your business is a fantastic move. It ensures your website has fresh content which can boost your SEO, help your customers and provide social media content to help promote your brand. 

The benefits of blog writing for businesses are clear. So there’s really no argument not to have a blog for your company – and most businesses already know this.

However, getting round to updating your business blog can become that item that slips further and further down your to do list every week. The truth is, many business owners and employees are simply too busy doing their actual job to keep the company website updated with regular content. 

Why hire a freelance copywriter to write your blogs?

Hiring a freelance copywriter to write your blogs can do wonders for your website, SEO, social presence and peace of mind.

Ideally, you should be posting a new blog to your website at least once a week. But the reality is this is too much of a challenge for most. It’s easy to see why more and more businesses are using freelance copywriters to take the hassle away from their team and let someone else do the leg work.

After all, it’s not just copywriting for blogs that takes time. Researching content ideas, blog topics and keywords is extremely time-consuming. That’s before you factor in the considerable time it takes to optimise your written blog content. SEO is everything, but making sure your blogs are SEO-ready is no small feat.

Know you should be blogging more and understand the benefits? Great. Can’t quite get round to making it happen? Relatable! Sounds like you need a freelance copywriter to pick up the slack.

Content ideas for business blogs

Finding content ideas to keep your business blog fresh, relevant and interesting isn’t easy for the average business owner. 

You might have a handful of great blog ideas. However, keeping up the momentum on a weekly basis can prove challenging. The advice is to blog at least once a week, but more if possible, which becomes a full time job in itself. Often, this can divert you away from your main duties. Especially because blog content writing takes longer the less experienced you are as a writer.

A good freelance copywriter will take all of the pressure away from you. Blog copywriting should be outsourced if you feel like it’s an overwhelming task or one you’re unequipped to fulfil.

Freelance copywriters don’t just write your blogs for you. The right one will come up with ideas, research and optimise each blog. When you choose the right writer to become an extension of your in-house team, you’ll have a regular source of fresh, engaging content. Plus, it will come with the assurance that your content is SEO-prepped to help your website receive more hits, convert more visitors and rank more highly.

Can professional copywriting for blogs improve my SEO?

It sure can. Search engine optimisation should be carried out on any content which appears on your website, to maximise the results. Good SEO brings your website more traffic, more conversions and better rankings. So clearly, it’s more than just a box ticking exercise. In fact, blog writing should form a key part of your SEO strategy. Why? It gives you the chance to add new, optimised content to your website on a regular basis, which is seen favourably by Google and other search engines.

But if SEO seems too complicated or draining for you to get your head into, that’s understandable. After all, you have your own business to run.

Freelance copywriters with SEO experience will take this baton and run with it. Having written SEO-ready web content for a variety of businesses over the past 15 years, I know how to spruce your blogs up for optimal results.

Hand your blog copywriting over to an expert, and get ready to reap the results.

How much does copywriting for blogs cost?

Weekly, professionally written blogs can be as little as £100 a post. All freelance copywriters’ rates vary, so find out the price upfront so you can factor it into your budget.

I charge a standard copywriting rate of £40 per hour. For blogs, I offer set rates of £100 for a 600 word blog and £200 for a 1200 word blog. Ideally, blogs should be at least 1000 words in order to be recognised, understood and ranked by Google. Therefore, while short-form blog content is cheaper, it may be a better investment to commission longer-form content for your blog.

However, my main priority is to work with my clients to find the right package and copywriting solution to fit their business and budget.

Got a packed content schedule you simply haven’t got the time to stick to? Or you have no idea what to blog about to improve your search engine ranking and communicate with your customers? Either way, I can help.

Why choose Words By Ali for your blog copywriting?

I have years of experience in blogging for B2B and B2C websites across a variety of sectors. Therefore,I can immerse myself into your business and produce new content to inform, entertain and educate your customers as often as you like.

Ideally, you should be posting a new blog to your website at least once a week, but the reality is this is too much of a challenge for most. Take the hassle away from your team and allow me to do the leg work for you.

I’m highly experienced in immersing myself into new businesses and their industries. I’ll offer insightful ideas on blog topics and help you maximise the potential of topical issues to benefit your website.

Get in touch and let’s see how I can start a buzz about your blog!

Get a blog written for your business

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