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Impress potential employers and boost your chances of bagging an interview when you use my expert CV writing, checking and editing service.

Good CV writing could be all that stands between you and your dream job, so let’s get it right!

How a freelance copywriter can help with CV writing

Whether you need a professional eye cast over your existing CV, a few tips on improving your CV to attract employers, or you haven’t got a CV and need help creating one, I can come to the rescue.

Not only have I checked, edited and reformatted hundreds of CVs, I’ve also seen plenty of good and bad examples when recruiting.

Don’t let a bad CV ruin your chances of nailing that perfect position – together, we can create a professional curriculum vitae that will wow prospective employers and bag you that all-important interview.

Why is good CV writing important?

CV writing is crucial, because it’s a future employer’s first impression of you as a person. Not only will they look at your work experience and education history, they’ll also read a lot into how you’ve put your CV together to get a feel for who you are as a person.

A great CV will position you as professional, personable and capable for the role you’re aiming to bag.

A bad CV can mean you fall at the first hurdle. You may wow in person, but employers will never know if they dismiss your CV for being poorly written, littered with errors or simply rushed.

Set yourself up for success with a strong CV to leave employers desperate to meet you. And if you don’t feel you have the skills or tools to do that yourself, a freelance copywriter can help you to achieve the perfect CV.

Get in touch today and let’s spruce up that CV!

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