Email content writing

Good email content writing makes recipients sit up and notice your brand in a crowded inbox. A great freelance copywriter will produce copy to engage and convert your database!

Good email content writing helps you connect with your customers through regular updates and sales-driven messages designed to boost your bottom line.

However, done badly it can see your database rushing to hit unsubscribe in their thousands.

Does email marketing work?

In a word, yes! Building up a strong database of customers who are interested and engaged in your brand and you’ve earned yourself one of the most powerful assets in marketing.

As long as you’re adhering to GDPR rules around email marketing contacts, you’re free to contact your customers with all your latest offers and news.

Landing a message right in your prospective or previous customer’s inbox gives you a serious helping hand towards completing that sale. However, getting the content in your email campaign right is crucial, or it’s a wasted opportunity.

Why is good email content writing important?

Email content writing starts with a striking subject matter that stands out in a cluttered inbox. How many emails do you receive but never even open?

Once you’ve got the customer to open your email, it’s essential to grab their attention to keep the momentum. Good email design is paramount, as this goes hand in hand with powerful email marketing copywriting.

Get both right, and this winning combo can see your prospect turn into a customer.

Why use Words By Ali for your next email campaign

Having planned and executed email marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses, I know how to produce powerful and persuasive email content that converts.

From the most basic brief, I can craft a professional piece of email copywriting that will supercharge your email marketing campaign from spam/junk to slam dunk.

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