How (And Why) To Write An Intro Post For Your Socials

Do your followers know the real you? Are they experiencing that know, like, and trust? If not, an intro post is a great way to start building it today.

You may think your audience knows you and what you’re about. But with short attention spans, fickle algorithms, and newbies surfacing all the time, your people may not know as much as you think. A good intro post is an essential part of a great content strategy to develop relationships, boost your visibility, and position yourself as THE one in your industry.

Read on to find out how to write one, and why it’s super important.

What is an intro post on social media?

Your business social media accounts are about your business. Yet for many of us, we are the business. It’s all too easy to drift into churning out business-related content and forget why people followed you in the first place: for you.

You may have heard about personal branding and felt unsure what it means or whether it applies to you. The short answer is, if you’re the face and personality of your business, it does. Therefore, an intro post helps your audience get to know and understand you, so they connect to your message and come to you when they need what you’re offering.

Put simply, an intro post is a social media update where you introduce, or re-introduce, yourself to your following.

What should an intro post include?

There’s no rulebook on writing an intro post, so feel free to make it your own.

What people want to see is you, your personality, and what makes you different. So, be original and be authentic to give the most opportunities for likeminded souls to see themselves in you and find common ground to build a relationship.

For me, a good intro post includes personal and professional details mixed in nicely to give a rounded impression of who you are. So, recap on your services, why people like working with you, as well as some fun details that highlight your character and individuality.

Benefits of writing an introduction post on social media

Still on the fence? Let me enlighten you on the many compelling reasons to re-introduce yourself on your socials this week.

Shows your personality

Hopefully, if you have a distinct tone of voice that weaves through your content writing, personality will be built-in to every social media post you write.

However, an intro post is a surefire way to inject character into your content and show the world who you are. As a solo business owner, personality is essential to develop that know, like, and trust that prompts your dream customer to choose you over others offering similar services.

Sparks conversations

Social media is exactly that: social. If you’re not starting conversations, you’re doing it wrong. By creating an intro post, you’re offering your audience multiple avenues you to connect with you by searching for common ground. Share your interests, background, starsign, hobbies, qualities and more and watch people like you comment about what you have in common. These conversations could continue in the comments, move into the DMs, or evolve into a discovery call. And it works both ways: now you know more about your audience, you have things to chat to them about and ways to build your relationship further.

Makes your life easier (and saves you time)

One of my fave things about writing an intro post is it’s pretty bloody easy! No research, no graphics (unless you’re feeling snazzy), no stats – simply open up a post and start writing. Save your precious time and put out a great post minus the stress and pressure.

I’ll share some ideas below to make it easier, but this is a post about you, and there are no set rules, so what better subject to freeflow on?

Write from the heart, and don’t overthink it. Then, choose a picture that embodies who you are, and hit post.

Boosts engagement

Intro posts are a fantastic way to boost engagement on your social media. One of my clients posted one to her LinkedIn after I challenged my followers to do their own. She received 27 comments (and counting). Her comments section was full of old and new friends chatting about their shared love of Italy, 80s music, and Asian food.

On a platform like LinkedIn especially, this expands your reach beyond your network and makes your content visible to potentially thousands of other target customers.

Creates an impression 

Nobody looks at your content as much as you do, so to many of your followers, you’re simply another face they scroll past in the feed or tap past on stories. How will you cement yourself in the mind of your dream customer?

An intro post done well is a way to establish who you are and make a memorable impression they won’t forget in a hurry. Next time they need what you’re offering, they’ll feel they know the whole person rather than a faceless service provider.

Reminds people what you do

Even if you feel like you say it all the time, your audience probably isn’t crystal clear on what it is you do. Intro posts can be a mix of personal and professional titbits, so reintroduce your services and remind your audience what they include and how to enquire.

Ideas for an intro post

  • Tell your story
  • Share likes and dislikes
  • Fun facts
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Quizzes (Insta stories and polls work well for this)
  • Your morning routine
  • A day in the life
  • Questionnaires (like those ones you see doing the rounds on your personal socials)
  • This or that
  • Starsign
  • Favourite books, podcasts, movies, TV shows
  • Where you love to travel
  • Goals
  • Pets
  • Education
  • First job
  • Embarrassing moment
  • Family
  • CALL TO ACTION! Finish it by inviting your audience to book a call, download your lead magnet, or simply comment if you share something in common.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be a text post. You could create – or repurpose it into – a Reel, video, carousel post, or even a blog.

How often should I do an intro post?

Probably much more often than you’d think!

Aim to do an intro post once a month.

After all, you’re always getting new followers and even your oldest, loyalest audience members will benefit from a refresher or new info you’d like to share with them to keep connecting and engaging with each other.

How often do you write an introductory post at the moment? If at all?

If it’s been less often, start now and make it a regular part of your content strategy – then watch the comments, follows, and messages flow!

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