How to get a constant flow of clients for your coaching business

You’re a compassionate, intuitive coach who guides your clients through life-changing growth. Yet some months you’re booked out, while others tick past without a single enquiry coming in, which leads to self-doubt, comparisonitis, and the occasional (unsuccessful) Facebook Ad. So, what are you missing here? What’s the secret to getting a constant flow of clients for your coaching business with less chasing and more attracting?

The truth is, you’re amazing at what you do, but you probably don’t love the marketing side of things. Selling on your socials feels sleazy, and you’re never quite sure what you should be doing and how.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

I work with coaches and wellness business owners to empower them to attract dream clients into their inbox through the power of their content, so it does the work for them (no awkward selling necessary). Are you ready to make the changes you need to live that life you wanted to live when you first qualified as a coach?

Let’s go!

Niche, then niche again

You’ve probably heard the importance of niching hundreds of times, but haven’t quite felt ready – or discovered the right niche – to make it happen. But as soon as you do, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner. Because establishing a niche for your coaching business allows you to:

  • Get super clear on the specific transformations you offer to demonstrate your value
  • Grow your social media presence with the right kind of followers
  • Raise your prices because you offer specialist expertise
  • Refine your messaging to appeal directly to dream clients

When it comes to niching, the more specific you are, the easier it is to attract the right people to your business. Say you’re a business coach who wants to work with women in leadership, could you narrow this down further? What industry do they work in? What’s the specific challenge you excel in supporting them through?

For example, it’s better to be known as THE coach who helps female lawyers overcome imposter syndrome than a generic business coach trying to appeal to everyone but attracting no one. For many of us, we’re an evolved version of our target customer, so think of how you can use that to your niching – and attracting – advantage, or envisage an existing customer you love working with and make a plan to clone them (in a non-Dolly-the-sheep way).

Nail your content

You understand the power of social media to get more clients, but you struggle to generate ideas to interest your audience, and you’re not really sure how to align your messaging with your core values.

I work with a lot of coaches who feel this way, and I’m here to tell you there is a way for you to feel totally confident, inspired, and motivated to write social media posts, emails, and blog posts that send the right client hurtling into your DMs ready to book and pay in full.

Four social media tips for your coaching business:

  • Picture one person – think of an existing or ideal client you know then imagine you’re talking to them every time you sit down to write a post. Would this interest them? Would it make them laugh? Would they share it? If those are all NOs, challenge yourself to turn them into YESes.
  • Share your story – we want to work with people we connect with, and your dream clients are no exception. Share your story, be open about your vulnerabilities, and create opportunities to relate to the people you want to attract. One big caveat – your content should always be about your customer, and not you, so find ways to make your story relevant to their current situation (showing how you’re the best person to help them through it).
  • Write how you speak – coaches often ask me how to instil personality into their content. You’re so passionate in person, yet opening your laptop transports you back to your GCSE English exam and you sound formal and bland. Write exactly how you speak to let your personality shine through – if you’re not a natural writer, use a platform like Otter to dictate and transcribe
  • Mirror your audience’s language – look at enquiries and reviews to learn how your customers speak, what words they use to describe the challenges they face, and how they articulate the transformation you bring. Then, mirror it in your own content by peppering your words with theirs, and watch them slide into your DMs asking when you became a mind reader.

Be consistent

Consistency is your number one priority when promoting your coaching business if you want to have more of those discovery calls that lead to regular coaching clients.

And consistency isn’t simply about posting every day on social media (in fact, you don’t even have to do this to achieve financial freedom as a coach).

Four ways to be consistent as a coach:

  • Having a consistent message and communicating it in a way that resonates with your audience
  • Promoting yourself in a way that aligns with your values and passions
  • Creating a content strategy that fits with your lifestyle and sticking to it
  • Projecting a consistent image in your branding and marketing

Are you nailing all of these at the moment? Or could you do with some support?

Sell the dream, not the coaching

Most people don’t know they need a coach.

You want to talk about how brilliant coaching is, but if you’re targeting people outside of the coaching sphere they’ll likely to be dubious about its benefits. So, instead of telling them why they need a coach, sell the dream life you know you’ll help them achieve.

For example, instead of writing a blog post entitled: “Five reasons you need a career coach”, try: “Five steps to turning your passion project into a career” or “How to find the job that makes you love Mondays.”

Airlines don’t generally promote themselves by telling you how great their planes are – they know you don’t care about turbines and stabilisers (or even the left phalange). They know the journey is simply a means to an end.

Instead, they tend to evoke the relaxation, fun, and freedom the holiday you experience on the other side of that plane ride will bring you.

Use emotions

Everyone is driven by emotions when they make a purchase, even if they tell themselves it’s logical. So, when speaking to your customers, ask and notice how they feel before, during, and after working with you. Having this information allows you to tap into these same emotions in others who haven’t yet experienced your support.

Bear in mind, we often give an easy answer at first to mask our more vulnerable feelings, so stay curious. For example, if you’re a life coach who keeps hearing people say they don’t have the budget to retrain, or the time to implement changes to their lifestyle, dig deeper. Usually, there’s a deeper emotion beneath the surface, like fear, insecurity, shame, or nerves. Once you find the deeper emotional driver, it becomes easier to show future customers how you understand them and have the solution to their problems when you’re next writing a social media post, filming a video for your website, or attending a networking meeting.

How to write content that attracts more clients to your coaching business

Are you struggling with your content writing? You understand the importance of having a presence online, but often feel overwhelmed or lost because you have no plan for your social media, emails, or blog posts.

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