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Hire me as your freelance website copywriter and let’s crush all of your goals!

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Freelance Lancashire website copywriter

You know deep down your website isn’t doing what it should.

You’ve been putting off updating – or even creating – your website.

Because writing isn’t your cup of tea and you struggle to express your passion and drive to help your customers in the face of a blank page.

Even as a professional, website copywriting for your own site is daunting {real talk: I’ve stalled on this page longer than I care to admit – imagine the pressure a professional website copywriter feels about writing their own website}.

Luckily for you, writing web copy for businesses like yours IS my forte.

So, when it comes to your online presence, I know EXACTLY what to do to capture your spirit, bring in consistent leads, and make you stand out in a crowded space.

Why hire me for freelance website copywriting?

You + me = dream team.

Whether you’re an agency in dire need of awesome web copy for your clients on the regs {did I REALLY just type that?}, or a business owner looking for content that feels like YOU (and let’s be honest, brings in a shitload of sales and enquiries), I’m your girl.

Here are five reasons you should hire me as your website copywriter:

  • You’ll save time trawling LinkedIn for copywriters or attempting the ultimate headache of trying to write it yourself
  • Your website will represent YOU (or your client) in technicolour glory – I’ll deep dive, understand you, and translate your passion into pitch perfect web copy
  • Zero BS or fluff – I don’t do fluff, waffle, or business bullshit. I keep it simple, and create the copy that makes your audience convert into customers
  • More web traffic – the right words attract more website traffic and warm up relevant visitors to enquire and buy
  • Better Google ranking – with a good understanding of SEO, I write website copy with search results in mind, and optimise it to make sure you’re showing up where you want to

Doesn’t your website deserve all of this – and more?

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