8 Tips For Writing A Social Media Post After A Break

Social media was grinding you down – and deleting your apps has been the biggest relief. You didn’t spend a single day wanting to go back on it and actually dreaded going back. Yet you know you need to have some presence as a modern business owner, and you understand the benefits of growing your audience with the right people to facilitate the lifestyle you love.

It’s time to make your comeback – but how do you write a social media post after taking a break?

Returning to social media after a hiatus

After your mind-calming break, you want to go back online on a new footing and not go back to the way you were. In an ideal world, you’d say see ya to the doomscroll and hiya to healthy boundaries, connections, and balance.

So, as you redownload your app and the empty caption box glares back at you, what on earth are you going to say?

  • Do you need to explain where you’ve been?
  • Has anyone noticed?
  • How honest should you be?
  • And who are you as a newly boundaried person re-emerging to do things differently?

I know exactly how you feel.

Earlier this year, I was EXACTLY where you were. Things got on top of me, personal and professional stuff clashed and culminated in a mini meltdown, which resulted in me logging off socials for some headspace. I quickly wrote a ‘bye for now’ post, then deleted the Instagram and LinkedIn apps from my phone and felt instantly lighter.

A week turned into four and I felt SO much better after realising how much worse social media had been making things seem and feel. Coming off your socials doesn’t solve all your problems as I’m sure you know, but it absolutely contributed to my overall wellbeing during a period where soulless scrolling had become a factor in my mental fogginess.

So, rest assured, I get it. It’s that conundrum we all face, how do you stay visible without it robbing you of your headspace?

Well, that’s a question for another day, as I’m not 100% sure I’ve cracked it yet! But in the meantime, I can absolutely help you out when it comes to composing your comeback post.

Buckle up and let’s get into it – here are my eight tips on writing your first social media post after a break.

Don’t apologise

Number one in my book is this: DO NOT apologise for being off social media. You’re your own boss, so you don’t answer to anyone. You’re not playing truant because there are no rules – and however lovely your audience is, you don’t owe them an apology for logging off.

Respectfully, please know no one will have noticed or thought about your absence as much as you so it really isn’t that big a deal outside of your head.

Therefore, when drafting your comeback post, resist the urge to say sorry and remember your social media presence and activity levels are choices you’re allowed to make for yourself without explanation.

Be authentic 

Social media is about authenticity, and it was only when I started being my full self that my audience felt truly connected to me and I began to form genuine relationships there.

Now you’re returning to social media after a hiatus, don’t be afraid to be honest and authetic about why you took off in the first place and how you feel about coming back. Share as much or as little as you like in this regard, but know that honesty and vulnerability don’t make you unprofessional.

If you’re dreading it, be open and ask your audience if they ever feel the same – maybe they’ll share some insights and advice to help you on your way.

Invite connection

Remember, your social media and online presence isn’t all about you. You’re here to help people, so involve them in your return post and use it as an opportunity to catch up.

Post questions, ask what they want to see from you going forward, and think of it as a fresh start to build your audience and develop relationships with dream customers.

Choose your medium

Before you post a knee-jerk feed post to your Insta, have a little think about which type of content best suits what you want to say and how you’d like it to be received.

If you have a lot to share, writing a blog post is a great way to explore your thoughts and tips without a word limit.

The benefit of this is that you then have a large bank of content to repurpose across social media captions, Reels, emails, and more – your content strategy can then almost write itself for the month with so much to share in a multitude of ways.

After all, different people prefer different kinds of content, so consider how to spread and repurpose your message so it lands in front of the right eyes.

Have a purpose

What’s the point of this post, exactly? Are you making it because you feel you should, or because you have something you genuinely want to say or achieve?

Ahead of getting words on screen, think about what you want your audience to get or do from it.

  • Do you want them to read your blog?
  • Or check out your new group programme?
  • Are you hoping they’ll sign up to your mailing list?
  • Or book a discovery call?

Your post doesn’t have to be salesy to get them to do these things – quite the oppposite.

However, understanding what your purpose is allows you to dig into the emotive triggers that will encourage your audience to take that action and make the next step in their journey with your brand.

Tell a story

Storytelling is a powerful way to communicate with your audience – did you know it can boost conversion rates by 30%?

Set the scene and bring your following along for the ride.

It doesn’t have to be a tell-all about yourself – although it can be – you can also use storytelling to help your audience imagine themself in a common scenario, or share a customer story.

The way you do it is the main thing, playing on emotions, pain points, and those interesting details that bring a situation, issue, or solution to life.

Think ahead

Thinking beyond your initial comeback post is a smart way to return online after a social media break.

The first post is likely to be well received, but what happens after that?

Having a plan for what you’ll post and when moving forward will maintain that momentum and prevent you from burning out, coming to loathe that little app icon on your phone and finding yourself back at square one.

Do it your way

The most important thing to remember? There are no rules, so come back however you like.

You don’t have to announce why you went off social media for a week or six months, or explain yourself if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

You could hit the ground running with your usual kind of content, or try something new and experiment with different ways of connecting – you don’t owe anyone anything, and as long as you keep bringing authentic value they’ll welcome you back and be glad it’s business as usual.

Or, you can pour your heart into a detailed caption full of your innermost thoughts, fears, realisations, and plans if you want to – it’s your social media after all, and YOU are your business.

So, you have carte blanche to be as open or closed as you please.

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