Writing your own content as a marketer is hard: 3 chaos-calming content writing strategies

A truth universally acknowledged by exhausted marketers: writing your own content is hard.

When I’m not writing content for people, I train them to DIY it.

Does that mean my own content is a masterclass in organisation and ease? What do you think?

It is ALWAYS f*cking harder when it’s you. You know this. You have the abandoned Google Docs to prove it.

You know exactly what to do, it’s your job ffs!

But you don’t do it.

And another week passes where you rushed out a few 7am LinkedIn posts and generally felt like you did not have your shit together. And it’s important for us to have our shit together because we are experts and people look to our own stuff for proof.

So how can exhausted marketers like you (us lol) get that sh*t done and feel calm and in control of our own content?

Honestly, I am not about to reveal some magical trick you didn’t already know.

But I am going to remind you of a system that works and makes your brain (and your morning routine) a happier place.

Shall we crack on?


What’s the secret content writing system, Al?



The system is repurposing. You know what it is, you know it works, but let’s recap briefly.

Recycling content in its various forms is a super efficient way to get your own content done as a maxed-out marketer.

It maximises the precious time you do have and boosts your brand awareness and consistency.

In this blog, we’ll recap on three ways to repurpose content to get you into a good habit you’ll stick to to keep that pipeline pretty during the feasts and famines.

Content repurposing strategy #1: use what ya got


Before you type a single new word of content, I want you to complete a quick exercise for me (I promise it’s not annoying).

Grab a notebook or open a doc and list every single place you have content currently sitting there. Think about all the places you’ve put stuff, like:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • YouTube channel videos
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Lead magnets
  • Pitch decks
  • Proposals
  • Email or DM replies to enquiries
  • Online courses and programmes
  • Handouts
  • Workbooks
  • Reports

When you have it all listed like that, I’m gonna bet you’re amazed how much there is there. Was there anything you totally forgot about? I was giving an online workshop to a group of marketers earlier this year and one woman forgot she’d written an entire eBook which she no longer used as a lead magnet but the content was still super relevant and useful.

Ask yourself why you’ve been opening up that blank caption box every day when you have literally thousands of great words already written about you, your services, your transformations, and your work?

So your first repurposing strategy is to use all that good sh*t you already have.

I used a client’s home and about website pages to schedule a month’s worth of LinkedIn content last week – could you do the same?



Content repurposing strategy #2: frontload your content writing time


This one involves a bit of a mindset shift for many of us.

If the thought of writing your own content feels burdensome or chaotic, it’s probably because you’re not committing the time you need to actually do it (hence the 7am panic posts).

So here’s what you’re going to do.

Go to your favourite cafe (I am sitting in mine as I type this in an extremely meta moment), order an overpriced drink AND a cake and give yourself that full day to work on writing your own content.

The way I do this is by writing one blog of at least 1000 words in length and chopping it up into social media posts, emails, Insta stories, and Reels.

I wrote a blog about this here – it takes you through the entire process in granular detail if you need the emotional support.



How long does it take to write one blog and repurpose it into a month of social media posts and emails?


Is a day too long? Not long enough?

I can’t answer that for you.

Honestly it’s gonna vary depending on your writing speed, motivation on the day and various other factors inside and outside of your control.

But isn’t a day a good place to start?

Either you get to knock off early or you made a huge dent in it and you’re in a better place.



What should I write my business blog about? I have too many ideas!


Crucially, I only write about a topic I know my target customer needs help with.

For example, I’m writing this because I delivered a talk on repurposing this week (which I’m now repurposing here – in my second meta moment of this blog) and the room of mostly marketing people told me at the start how difficult they find it writing their own content.

And here we are!

Research is everything. Again, you know this. But whether it’s a casual Insta poll or a more formalised survey/interview situation, making sure you’re in touch with what your audience needs help with and how they’re articulating it.



Content repurposing strategy #3: literally recycle that sh*t


Now comes the time for what we typically think of as repurposing – using an old post again.

Some thoughts on doing this:

  • Check your analytics for top-performing posts to recycle
  • (Although I could argue the case for giving a dead duck another chance at life – it could’ve tanked for a multitude of other reasons)
  • If you’re paranoid about people remembering it (don’t be btw) add something like “you loved this tip last time so I’m sharing it again for new faces!” Makes you look popular too
  • You can literally copy and paste – you have my permission
  • You could also change the hook, the graphic, the image, the order, the format – there are so many ways that are still quicker than writing from scratch
  • Even if anyone notices (and who really sees and remembers all your content, in the nicest possible way?), they won’t care. And if they do and say something mean, they’re a d!ck anyway.


How long after posting something can you re-use it?


In my masterclass this week on content repurposing, one of my marvellous marketers (who incidentally looked exactly like my friend Gemma) asked whether there was a rule about how long to wait before repurposing a post.

I hate rules so I said “No! You do you Gemma!”

(She was called Caroline. But I didn’t actually say that dw).

I don’t know whether any of the hustle bros has fabricated a rule for this but I say use your own common sense. If you only post once a week and reuse a post from last month that might feel too soon? But it doesn’t really matter.

Don’t forget we need to see things soooo many times before it sinks in – the old rule of 7 in marketing for how many times a message has to appear before we take action is rumoured to be hitting the 20s these days.

What do you think? Do you have your own rule on this?

I’ll hazard a guess you probably posted the thing way longer ago than you think anyway. Sitting with a client the other week chatting LinkedIn personal branding she pulled up a recent intro post wondering if it was too soon to reuse it – reader, it was two years old.

To conclude: yes, getting round to writing your own content is hard and yes, we have to do it anyway.


Unless you can afford to outsource it – and I mean that financially and emotionally.

So does this help you get yourself in gear to be more consistent with your content?

As we speak (type/read) I’m vowing to sit here once a month, write a blog and repurpose it into that month’s socials and emails. Will it happen? YES! Let’s do this!

P.S. If you need help writing your copy or anyone else’s, I’m 100% better at doing that so hit me up 😉

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