Four Ways To Make Content Writing Easier

It’s hard to do everything, right? There’s just you, so you feel like you’re failing at your marketing and wish there was a way to make content writing easier so it’s one less thing to worry about.

I totally understand how you feel as a woman running my own business solo.

Wearing all the hats is exhausting 😪 Something’s got to give, and right now that’s your marketing.

Despite various efforts and knowing some of the basics, you never seem to quite nail it and struggle with consistency.

Tell me, is this all-too familiar?

Do you ever find it hard to sit down and come up with posts?

You’d LOVE to be able to write a blog then use it for the rest of your posting, making you more visible so leads start flowing in with more regularity.

But procrastination kicks in.

You rewrite this, tweak that, nitpick and tinker for what feels like forever.

Until it’s time for the school run and because your efforts didn’t materialise into the perfect piece of content (which BTW doesn’t really exist) you give up and post something crap to tick a box.

So what’s the best way around this?


How can you make content writing easier?

As someone with a chaotic brain, I have to be structured about doing my own content or it simply ✨ doesn’t happen ✨

I have to have systems and strategies in place to make me stick to my marketing and be consistent enough to get the results that follow.

Results like messages from dream clients saying “your content spoke to me” or “can you tell me more about this?”

Or people approaching me at networking events saying “I see you everywhere on LinkedIn!”

I know right now doing your own content writing feels like one more thing on the list you don’t have the headspace to manage, but trust me that there are ways around this so it fills you with confidence, calm, and excitement.

With that in mind, here are the things that I’ve put into place to make me enjoy writing my own content so I stay visible and front-of-mind to my target audience without it being a time – and brain – zap.


Four ways to make writing your own content easier (so it gets you more visibility, clients, and cash tbh!)


Write down everything potential clients say

Instead of procrastinating forever over the perfect blog title or social media hook, talk to someone you’d love to work with and ask what they need help with most in their business.

Take notes on discovery calls, join FB groups where your audience hangs out, save comments on posts where people discuss how they feel about your service. This means you NEVER run out of ideas.


Make it fun

With 16 years’ content writing under my belt, writing my own content can feel like a buswoman’s holiday, so I do my best to make it feel different and fun compared to my “work” content.

For me, that looks like taking myself out to a cafe for a change of surroundings and plenty of cake to fuel the process, or even taking it out of my spare room office and onto the sofa with some trash TV on in the background.

How could you make your monthly content writing day fun?

Don’t know what the best way is around it


Use robots

This isn’t going to be another one of those dramatic statements from a content writer about ChatGPT, but if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a whirl.

I don’t recommend copying and pasting AI-generated content word for word AT ALL.

But I do see a benefit for researching and quashing procrastination. You can be super specific in your prompts, so give it a clear picture of your ideal customer and your brand voice so it spits out something you can easily adapt and post.


Repurpose your content!

Never feel like you always need to post something completely different. If you’ve created your own content before, or even if you have a website, you probably have enough content sitting there to tide you over for months.

Look at what you have and use it in different ways, like changing a carousel into a blog or turning a video into a LinkedIn caption.



How to get more help with your content writing

Outsourcing your content writing to an expert like me, the freelance copywriter for female founders, takes it off your plate and makes sure it gets done to a high standard that boosts your reputation and online enquiries.

Let’s start with a 15-minute discovery call and take it from there!

woman with laptop feeling happy and at ease

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