The Growth Hack For Female Founders: Seven Outsourcing Benefits

Being a female founder is full of challenges. Working inside your business day in day out, it’s difficult to know what to focus on and when. If you’re desperate to free up some headspace and carve out a little time for yourself while growing your business in a serious way, you’re in the right place. Settle in to discover six compelling outsourcing benefits for smart female founders.


What does outsourcing actually mean in business?

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There were around 1.55 million self-employed women in the United Kingdom in 2023, and I’m guessing most of us have a lot on our plates and we’re doing the most to survive (as proof of this, I am currently writing this blog post at 6am before my daughter wakes up).

Outsourcing simply means delegating certain tasks to other people. I like to think of it as having a great team around me, except we’re all self-employed queens living our best independent lives.

For many of us, there can be a mindset issue around this. Is it weird to outsource stuff if it’s just me?!

I used to think outsourcing was for CEOs until I realised I am one, lol. Like Rachel Green, I am the boss of me!


Seven outsourcing benefits for savvy female founders

So, let’s examine the case for outsourcing business tasks like copywriting, or other stuff like social media management, admin, accounts, and more. What exactly are those outsourcing benefits?


Everyone plays to their strengths

I’m about to paraphrase a concept badly, but please bear with me. I listened to Jay Shetty’s book Think Like A Monk earlier this year, and there was a message about finding your strength then getting better and better at it, rather than spending your time trying to do everything adequately. This really resonated with me, and it’s taught me a lot about myself and my expertise. I used to do a bit of everything in the marketing world, when all I really wanted to do was write blogs all day long.

Now I focus my time and energy on blog writing for the most part, I’m doing even better work and feeling much more confident in myself and my expertise.

And the same goes for you.

Your time is best spent running your business and mine is best spent copywriting.

Outsource your website copywriting and blog post writing to me and I’ll get it done properly for you, so you get to skip the overwhelm, procrastination, overthinking, and stress it probably causes you. We both do what we love and what we’re best at, so everyone wins.


Get a team of experts at your fingertips

Outsourcing blog writing to me and similar tasks to other specialists is like hiring your own team of experts. Except you don’t have to pay us sick pay or have us invading your workspace asking who used up the last of the milk.

Because you’re paying us for specific tasks, you can invest in a senior expert rather than having to hire and train a junior within your business.

I have a female managing director who hires me for one day a week to write her business blog posts, social media captions, and website copy. That day a week is probably a similar cost to having someone junior there full-time, but she doesn’t have to train me, check over all my work, or spend hours teaching me about her business.

I’ve spent 18 years as a copywriter, so I’m quick to immerse myself and embody a brand in a way that naturally reflects its personality and tone of voice.

Plus, I can often get things done a lot quicker than some junior, so the work I can do in that day would take some people several days.

This represents real value for her because she has a senior copywriter at her disposal getting on with things in the background and her time is freed up to run the business.


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Benefit from years of experience

Plus, the value of investing in an expert means you don’t simply get the physical output of a blog post, or whatever it is you’ve hired them to do.

You also benefit from their years of experience and reliable advice.

Most of my clients come to me with an idea of what they want to achieve, but lacking the knowledge of how to go about doing this. They may want to rank better on Google, or be known as an expert on LinkedIn, but they don’t have a ready-made task list for me to tick my way through. Instead, I offer my experience and knowledge to create a strategy based around their goals, with the steps needed to achieve them.

You can tap into my brain and background to fill in those knowledge gaps missing in your own mind and business by outsourcing your copywriting to a specialist like me.


Free up time to grow

Stepping out of daily business tasks like writing blogs frees you up to think bigger. You get to take a more strategic role in your own business and find the headspace to plan for the next quarter, set goals, and analyse your financials.

This brings you the clarity you need to actually achieve those goals and have a better overview of what’s working and what you need to do to get to the next stage of growth, whether that means expanding your team, taking out an office base, or launching new products or services.


Get above competitors

One of the biggest outsourcing benefits is the opportunity it presents to seriously set yourself apart from the competition.

Suppose your business nemesis has cobbled together their own website wording and publishes blog posts that leave a lot to be desired. In that case, this is your chance to look super professional and build your industry authority and reputation.


Be reassured you’re doing the right things to grow

Doing everything in your business can often feel like you’re lost in the woods, spending time on stuff wondering if it’s the right thing to do in that moment. When you work with an expert in their field, their advice will reassure you what to focus on and when to achieve your business goals.

A good copywriter or other specialist won’t just be your yes woman.

Personally, I will always offer my advice on the best way to do things from my 18 years’ experience in copywriting and marketing. My clients love this because although they’re the expert in their industry, they usually don’t have a marketing background. So, the combination of your industry knowledge and my marketing expertise means we can work in partnership to make the right moves at the right time to take your business up a notch.


Collaboration is fun!

Working for yourself can feel lonely, and collaborating is great fun. When you find someone whose values and personality align with yours, it’s a great thing. I love working alongside my clients, getting their rambling voice notes full of fascinating insights, and coming up with great ideas as a team.

If you ever miss the camaraderie of being employed and having a team of great people around you, this is how you experience that spirit of collaboration as a freelance or female founder of a small business.


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Discover the world of outsourcing benefits by working with the freelance copywriter for female founders

Hopefully this blog has convinced you of the many wonderful outsourcing benefits!

Now it’s simply a case of choosing the right person to trust to treat your brand like their own.

I’m Ali, the freelance copywriter for female founders.

I’m your go-to girl to create engaging blog posts that get you found on Google and recognised as THE expert in your niche. I also freshen up your website wording so you’re proud to share that link rather than cringing when you hear the words “have you got a website?”.

Plus, my blog writing bundles also give you the option of bolting on content repurposing, so you get a bank of ready-made content to use for your email campaigns and social media captions without writing everything from scratch.

This gives you all the consistency in the world to hammer your message home in a personality-packed way so ideal clients take action and reach out to work with you.

Is it time we had a chat? Book your FREE 15-minute consultation to check the vibes and start planning!

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