13 Copywriting Resolutions For Female Business Owners

Shooting for high-quality enquiries from dream clients? I don’t blame you. Creating relevant content designed to attract your ideal customer is a wonderful way to position yourself as the expert in your field and the answer to their challenges. With this in mind, I’m sharing 13 copywriting resolutions for female business owners to embrace this year and beyond.

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1. Write copy with a clear picture of your ideal customer in mind

Imagine your ideal customer sitting opposite you in a coffee shop and write your content with that exact person in mind. Will she find it useful? Would she read it? Will it make her laugh? Is she likely to share it with her friends or leave a comment?

Stay focused on your audience, listen to them and make sure your content is very specifically designed around serving them if you want it to resonate and spark action.

2. Use specific audience language in your copywriting

This is seriously one of the best copywriting resolutions you can ever make for your business.

Digging deep into my audience language and mirroring it back to them via my content is honestly one of the biggest gamechangers I’ve ever experienced in my business success.

This is how you get those messages saying “I felt like you read my mind” and “it’s like you’re inside my brain.”

If you’re nosey like me you’ll probably pick up on this stuff anyway, so use it to your advantage!

3. Write regular blogs

Posting regular blogs on your website is of the best ways to attract dream customers without spending all your time on the hustle bus.

It helps your website get found on Google when people search for what you do, and it positions you as the authority in your field. If copywriting isn’t your thing, don’t panic – there are plenty of tools out there to help you write better blog posts, like all of the AI you now have at your fingertips. Just make sure you use them to help you, rather than allowing AI to write entire blogs for you. It needs to be in your distinct brand voice and full of original ideas and insights, so use it as a tool, not your copywriter!

(And if you decide you would rather outsource your blog writing to a copywriter, you know where I am).

4. Repurpose!

The immense benefits of repurposing your content is one issue I will never stop talking about (others include sobriety and Taylor Swift). If you do get round to writing those blogs, save yourself the time creating social media posts and emails from scratch by chopping that blog up into multiple other pieces of content. Learn how to do that here.

Will this be one of your copywriting resolutions this year?

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5. Start or nurture an email list

If you haven’t already, start an email list. If you’ve got one, start using it. Of all the types of copywriting I do, emails can be one of the most action-prompting methods of reaching, engaging with, and converting your audience into customers.

We all buy stuff from sales emails, right? In a busy online world, it’s often a fantastic way to cut through and embed yourself in your customer’s psyche.

6. Be yourself

This one should be obvious, but I’ll be honest: I used to really struggle with it. I thought I had the copywriting side of promoting my business down thanks to 18 years in marketing, but when it comes to marketing yourself, it can be tricky to put yourself out there.

My advice is literally to stop giving a sh*t who sees it and what they’ll think. Easier said than done, of course. But such a liberating way to be and a powerful way to start forming deeper connections with your audience.

7. Share personal stuff (within your own boundaries)

Following on from point #6, decide what kind of personal stuff you’re comfortable sharing as a female founder who is likely the face and personality of your brand.

This doesn’t mean you have to share pictures of your kids or live stream your next Hinge date, but it does mean deciding which areas of your life you’re happy to give your audience insights into. For me, that’s things like sobriety and wild swimming, but for you it might be something completely different.

8. Stop pressurising yourself

Trying to do everything and be everywhere will result in burnout – that’s pretty much a fact at this point. Instead of pressuring yourself to rewrite your entire website yourself or be on every social media platform for your business (on top of everything else on your plate), give yourself a break and be smarter about what to focus on and when.

Outsourcing obviously helps massively with this, so decide what you feel comfortable letting go of and where your time is best spent. And if you’re not there yet, be strict about what you can realistically do yourself and do a good job of that, rather than a panicky job of every single thing on the list.

9. Create your own content writing schedule

Copywriting and sharing content for your business might look totally different than it does for your female founder friends and connections. Every person and business is different, so don’t feel obliged to stick to those hustle bro social media rules or some Instagram challenge you saw and felt guilty for not taking part in.

Believe me when I say that posting one great social media post a week is better than rushing five out one week and burning out the next, not to be seen again for six months.

Equally, one email a month is better than one a week then nothing for a year. Consistency is everything, and it can look however you want it to!

10. Share your expertise

Be free with your expertise and advice. This builds trust and most people don’t have the time or inclination to compile and action every free tip on the internet, plus they don’t just pay for your general advice. They will pay for the expert way you do things, which nobody else can offer.

11. Promote yourself

Don’t be afraid of being salesy! Some members of your audience need to see your message so many times before it sinks in and they reach out (the jury’s out on how many – the old rule of 7 is definitely outdated, but I’ve heard reports that people need to see a message up to 21 times nowadays before they spur into action. So keep going!).

12. Get help if you need it

You honestly can’t do it all by yourself, and where’s the fun in that anyway? Surround yourself with brilliant people who give you the advice, support, ideas, collaboration, and inspiration to succeed.

13. Freshen up your website copy

Finally, when was the last time you freshened up your website copy? Give it a once-over and make sure it reflects where you and your business are at right now.


Stick to your copywriting resolutions this year

Need a little accountability to actually stick to your copywriting resolutions this year? I’m here to support you through free advice and resources, and I can also take the entire job off your hands if you prefer to outsource your copywriting to me. The best place to start is with a conversation – let’s get that booked in!

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